Purpose-driven engagement for the modern workplace

Corporate Social Responsibility 
is no longer a nice-to-have, 
it’s a need-to-have.

An all-in-one solution to build, manage, and measure your company’s social impact, CSR, and ESG programming.

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An all-in-one solution to streamline your entire CSR programming

Simplify program management, measure impact, and engage employees effortlessly, all within a single platform.
Build your program

Utilize our repository of successful program templates and best practices or customize your own.

Engage all your stakeholders in one place

Thoughtfully designed to foster maximum participation and interaction from diverse stakeholders. Embrace our holistic approach, ensuring year-round engagement and amplifying the impact of your programming across all stakeholders."

Measure & Improve

Automate reporting, track, and analyze performance goals. Gain actionable insights to continually improve your CSR programming for greater positive change.

The benefits of a high quality CSR program:
Employee Retention
Improve bottom-line Financials
Investment & Partnership Opportunities
Employee Engagement
Customer Retention and Loyalty
Press Opportunities

A powerful solution for People & HR leaders

Built with your needs in mind, providing a user-friendly and scalable system to streamline employee engagement programming.

Ready to launch programs

  • Jumpstart with pre-built templates and best practices.
  • A range of tools and modules ready to use out of the box.
  • Repository of successful CSR initiatives to use as inspiration.

Scalable and customizable

  • Customizable programs can be tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • Branding, messaging, and objectives that match your organization’s unique culture and values.
  • Adapts to the changing needs of your organization over time.
  • Centralizes employee communication, data analytics, and reporting

Save time and money

  • Centralized employee communication, data analytics, and reporting.
  • Automates many aspects of CSR programming.
  • Alleviates administrative burdens on HR teams.
  • Simplifies the process of employee engagement.

Unleashing CSR/ESG Potential:
A Platform Designed for All.

Unlock your CSR/ESG potential with our scalable platform and versatile
modules, perfect for startups to enterprise.

Our platform equips you with powerful tools for planning, executing, and measuring the success of your social impact initiatives.

Features included in this module:

  • Donation Matching Gifts
  • Impact Campaigns
  • Volunteering Programs
  • Impact Measurement

Elevate sustainability goals with our tools: monitor resources, reduce carbon footprint, implement eco-strategies, and empower employees.

Features included in this module:

  • Employee Empowerment Initiatives
  • Custom Sustainability Recommendations
  • Eco-Friendly Strategy Implementation
  • Carbon Offset Opportunities

Effortlessly promote diversity, equity, and inclusion with our DEI training and tools, creating inclusive workplaces and communities where every voice matters.

Features included in this module:

  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Education and Training Modules
  • Benchmarking and Best Practices
  • DEI Analytics and Reporting

Our platform prioritizes employee well-being through a range of resources, promoting a happier, more productive workforce

Features included in this module:

  • Health Challenges
  • Physical, Mental and Financial Resources
  • Well-being Surveys
  • Community and Social Engagement

Strengthen corporate governance through robust tools that promote transparency, accountability, and compliance, enhancing stakeholder engagement and ethical organizational success.

Features included in this module:

  • Stakeholder Engagement Tools
  • Ethical Governance Guidelines
  • Compliance Tracking & Reporting
  • Best Practices Recommendations

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