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The first all-in-one, scalable Social Impact, CSR & ESG platform

Purpose Platform meets your company wherever it is on the CSR/ ESG journey. Our modular approach gives you the flexibility to launch and grow programming across key CSR/ESG tenants.
Social Impact
  • Donation matching / gifts
  • Impact campaigns
  • Volunteering programs
  • Impact Measurement
  • Employee programs
  • Energy usage
  • Benchmarking
  • Waste management
  • Carbon tracking
  • Compliance
  • Reporting
  • Policy & practices
  • Communication
  • Ethics & values
  • Education & training
Inclusive Culture
  • Community Resource Groups
  • DEIB initiatives
  • Education & trainining
  • Social calendar
Health & Wellbeing
  • Physical health
  • Mindfulness
  • Healthy routines
  • Positive mindset
  • Strength management

Startup to Enterprise

We offer a range of modules that can be added based on your organizations’ specific needs.

Workplace Giving

Our platform empowers you to make a tangible difference in your community and beyond. With robust tools and resources dedicated to social impact, you can easily plan, execute, and measure the success of your philanthropic initiatives. Whether it's supporting local charities, organizing volunteer events, or launching fundraising campaigns, we've got you covered.

Donations & Matching simplified

Enhance your company's donation and matching benefits, enabling your employees to make a substantial impact through seamless contributions.


Streamline employee engagement in volunteer activities with our platform, making it a breeze to find, register for, and monitor volunteer hours.

Purpose Challenges

Inspire social change and boost employee morale by creating purpose-driven challenges that encourage collaboration and measurable outcomes.

Inclusive Culture

Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion effortlessly with our DEI training and tools. Assess, strategize, and create an inclusive workplace and community where every voice matters.

Employee Resource Groups

Empower your workforce with our Employee Resource Groups feature, fostering a more inclusive workplace by enabling employees to connect, share insights, and drive meaningful diversity and inclusion initiatives within your organization.

Education & Training Modules

Equip your employees with essential knowledge and skills through our comprehensive Education & Training modules, ensuring your workforce is well-prepared to contribute to a diverse and equitable workplace.

Benchmarking and Best practices

Stay at the forefront of diversity and inclusion by leveraging our Benchmarking & Best Practices tool, providing valuable insights into industry standards and strategies to help your organization lead in DEI efforts.


Achieve and exceed your sustainability goals with our actionable tools and recommendations. Monitor resource usage, reduce your carbon footprint, implement eco-friendly strategies and empower your employees.

Employee Workbooks

Elevate your organization's commitment to sustainability by providing your employees with our Employee Workbooks, empowering them to actively engage in eco-friendly practices both at work and in their daily lives.

Benchmarking and measurements

Ensure your employees are well-informed and ready to champion sustainability through our engaging Education & Training modules, tailored to equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills needed to drive eco-conscious initiatives within your organization.

Carbon offsetting opportunities

Demonstrate your company's dedication to environmental responsibility by offering Carbon Offsetting Opportunities, allowing your organization to offset its carbon footprint while engaging employees in meaningful climate action initiatives.


Sound corporate governance is the cornerstone of a successful and ethical organization. Our platform offers a robust set of tools to streamline corporate governance processes, ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance. Whether you're managing board meetings, monitoring compliance with regulations, or enhancing stakeholder engagement, our features are designed to strengthen your corporate governance practices.

Develop Policies and Guidelines

Effortlessly create and implement essential corporate governance policies and guidelines to ensure your organization's ethical and legal compliance, fostering a culture of integrity and trust.

Utilize Governance Frameworks

Seamlessly integrate established governance frameworks into your HR practices, simplifying decision-making and enhancing transparency, so you can confidently steer your organization towards success.

Track and Measure

Easily monitor and measure the effectiveness of your corporate governance initiatives, providing valuable insights into performance and compliance to help you make informed HR decisions that align with your organization's strategic goals.

Health & Wellbeing

The well-being of your employees is paramount. Our platform prioritizes health and wellness initiatives, providing a range of resources to support your team's physical and mental health. From fitness challenges to mindfulness programs and mental health resources, we're here to help you create a workplace that fosters well-being, reduces stress, and promotes a happier, more productive workforce.

Health Challenges

Engage your employees in fun and motivating health challenges designed to boost morale, encourage teamwork, and improve overall health, all while fostering a culture of wellness within your organization.

Holistic Wellbeing

Promote holistic employee well-being by addressing physical, mental, and financial health, empowering you to create a workforce that thrives in all aspects of life.


Access a wealth of expert-curated health and wellness resources to support your employees, enhancing their overall well-being and ensuring that your organization remains a beacon of employee care and support.

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